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Since its establishment in 1975, Griffith University has come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the most influential universities in the Asia-Pacific region. Griffith University has internationally recognised strengths in teaching and research.


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Swimming isn’t the best way to settle that full stomach but it’s unlikely to cause you to drown. Jaypeg

Monday’s medical myth: wait 30 minutes after eating before you swim

The old saying that you should wait at least 30 minutes after eating before you swim is based on the idea that after a big meal, blood will be diverted away from your arms and legs, towards your stomach’s…
We may have to apologise for intercountry adoptions in future, just as Victoria has apologised to the children of forced adoption mothers here. AAP/Paul Jeffers

The politics of ‘orphans’ and the dirty tactics of the adoption lobby

You might not have realised it, but it is Adoption Awareness Week. Every year at this time lobbyists pull out the big gun – the celebrity card - and Deborra-Lee Furness hits the airwaves. The messages…
When you shine a torch into a dusty room, not all the photons reach their destination. Simon Greig (xrrr)

‘Louder’ light could power a brighter quantum future

All of the light we see around us comes in chunks of energy known as photons. As well as making up light, photons can be used to carry and process information and their quantum properties make possible…
French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici (left) and German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble can agree on one thing: a financial transaction tax. AAP

Europe has more to lose than to gain from a financial transaction tax

At a meeting in Luxembourg last week, the finance ministers of 11 members of the European Union (Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain) agreed…
Hopes and anxieties: the US’ approach to China’s economy is often tempered by its foreign policy outlook. AAP

The US must walk the tightrope of ambiguity on China policy

When I taught foreign policy in the United States, my students would often answer one question incorrectly, albeit in a way that speaks to a larger truth about US foreign policy. In lecturing on President…
The earthquake at l'Aquila was a tragedy, but blaming experts and governments doesn’t help. EPA/Grillo

Blame game the enemy of good policy when disaster strikes

The decision of an Italian Court to convict six scientists and one government official of manslaughter for the failure to predict the magnitude of a devastating earthquake in L’Aquila in central Italy…
There’s no point idealising the Hawke years. The public service has changed with the news cycle. AAP/National Archives of Australia

We won’t save the public service by looking backwards

Something is wrong with policy debate and deliberative processes in Australia. Everyone has a view on what is wrong with the public service, from Business Council of Australia chief Jennifer Westacott…
How should we measure the size of the Australian economy? AAP

Punching above our weight: sizing up Australia’s economy

Treasurer Wayne Swan recently noted that Australia now has the world’s twelfth largest economy. This suggests it has moved up three places during Labor’s period of office, and regained the three places…
Greater numbers of troubled teens are being abandoned by their parents and into the hands of the government. Shutterstock

The hardest choice: families who give up disabled children

The theme of abandonment runs like a current through our most pressing national dilemmas. Asylum seekers abandon their home countries in the hope of a better life in Australia. Newly elected governments…
Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, is under pressure to formally request a bailout from the European Central Bank. AAP

Spain at the crossroads: should it opt for a bailout?

Up until fairly recently, Spain was a story of economic success. It was an example of how the periphery of Europe was quickly catching up with the core. Between 1995 and 2007, Spanish real GDP grew at…
How do you pick a fake among free-range egg producers? OKNOVOKGHT/Flickr

Where’s the freedom to choose free-range?

Consumers are increasingly concerned about how farm animals are kept, raised, transported, and slaughtered. Most people show their concern by buying “ethical” farm products, such as free-range eggs and…
Organisational leaders have demanding roles and face intense scrutiny of their performance. Dave 77459/Flickr

The power of control and reducing stress at work

For many, work means stress and as we all know, too much stress can lead to ill health. But research showing that people in positions of power are not very stressed, may hold clues for how workplaces can…
No matter which way you look at it, you can’t find out everything.

Was Heisenberg too uncertain? In principle … maybe

The Uncertainty Principle, introduced by Heisenberg in 1927, applies to observations of the properties of the quantum world, which is typically microscopic in scale. As I explained a few months ago, it…
Around 40% of farmers who died by suicide had accessed some type of professional mental health service. AAP

Farmer suicide isn’t just a mental health issue

They toiled and they fought through the shame of it - Through wilderness, flood, and drought… …The miseries suffered, unvoiced, unknown - And that’s how the land was won. Henry Lawson’s characterisations…
The Business Council of Australia’s Jennifer Westacott has called for a debate over the role of Australia’s public service.

Improving public policy advice is a debate we have to have

The provocative address by Business Council of Australia chief Jennifer Westacott to the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) International Congress in Melbourne yesterday achieved something…
Genetic modification for treating illness may be obligatory; the real question is where we draw the line. Fufue

Where should we draw the line on ‘designer’ babies?

Leafing through the popular press it’s easy to see that the baby industry is big business: designer labels in size 000; prams that deftly allow running parents to take baby along and pick up a single origin…
Certain types of media reporting may trigger further suicidal behaviours among vulnerable people. garryknight

The facts about safe reporting of suicide

The issue of media reporting of suicide was once again thrust into the spotlight this week, with mental health researcher, clinician and former Australian of the year Pat McGorry renewing his calls for…
The Queensland government is keen to remove as many barriers to development as possible. But at what cost to the state’s environment? AAP/Dave Hunt

Queensland’s big step back from environmental assessment

The defining characteristic of the Newman government’s environmental policy seems to be a Great Leap Backwards: an old-fashioned determination not to let environmental concerns get in the way of expanding…

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