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Since its establishment in 1975, Griffith University has come to be regarded as one of Australia’s most innovative tertiary institutions and one of the most influential universities in the Asia-Pacific region. Griffith University has internationally recognised strengths in teaching and research.


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Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy: banks are bailed, but just a brief respite? AAP

Spanish bailout buys time for eurozone - but only a little

The positivity off the weekend’s news that Spain’s banks will receive rescue loans of up to 100 billion euros from eurozone finance ministers appears short-lived. Despite it being well-received in Asian…
Rhetoric, even when light as a feather, can carry more weight than scientific evidence. Ark in Time

Eat your heart out, scientists: evidence is a balancing act

The Book of the Dead describes the ancient Egyptian “weighing of the heart” ceremony as the placing of a heart on one side of a set of scales and a feather on the other. Goddess Ma'at’s feather represents…
Following the EU summit in Brussels this week, it seems eurobonds are back on the agenda. But will it be what it needed to save the Eurozone? AAP

Will (Euro)bonding help solve the euro crisis?

The special EU summit held in Brussels on Wednesday revamped the discussion on Eurobonds (i.e. the issuance of common government bonds to pool the Eurozone debt liability) as a possible option to address…
The G8’s communique embracing employment following the weekend’s meeting alters a 30 year focus on inflation.. AAP/White House

The G8’s cautious new direction away from an old enemy

The G8 leaders’ cautious embrace of “growth and jobs” on the weekend has momentarily buoyed international markets, but significantly, altered a 30-year focus on inflation. For more than three decades…
During the Great Depression, policymakers had an irrational - and detrimental - attachment to the gold standard. Should we be worried about the similar fervour for a strong euro? BullionVault

When it comes to solving the euro’s woes, it’s the same gold story

Are the tragedies of the 1920s repeating themselves in the twenty-first century? In the 1920s, an irrational attachment to the gold standard helped cause the Great Depression, as European fears of inflation…
The coalition needs to tread more lightly when it comes to Indonesia. AAP Image/Alan Porritt

Attention Tony Abbott: Indonesia wants collaboration, not confrontation

In his budget reply speech last week, opposition leader Tony Abbott said Indonesia was to be a “vital partner in Australia’s future”. He’s right, and for now, at the government-to-government level, Australia-Indonesia…
Australia’s approach to alcohol taxation is riddled with inconsistencies. Johnsyweb

Calling time on alcohol taxation in Australia

Alcohol is a prime target for taxation. It’s a good source of government revenue; it allows governments to recoup costs for providing services to drinkers (such as accident and emergency care and policing…
Arguments against taxing the super rich are centred around the notion that wealth encourages investment and creates jobs. But what about the effects of income inequality? R SH

Invested interests: debunking the economic case for the one percent

In a widely anticipated forthcoming book, Edward Conard – a former Bain Capital colleague of Mitt Romney’s – has advanced the arguments that investment drives economic growth, and that deregulation and…
Clive Palmer is routinely described as a mining magnate - but his wealth has been accumulated more from ballooning asset values on valuable tenements. AAP

Mining magnate, property tycoon - politician? Just who is Clive Palmer?

So how much is a modern mining magnate worth? Well it depends on what they really own. Consider Clive Palmer. After an early career in real estate development on Queensland’s Gold Coast, Palmer, who has…
The stoush involving Clive Palmer and the Football Federation of Australia mirrors the game’s earlier woes. AAP

Soccer in Australia: Is history repeating Itself?

Soccer in Australia occupies a paradoxical position in the Australian sporting landscape. It has the highest overall participant rates, yet is ranked fourth of the four football codes in popularity and…
Campbell Newman, Barry O'Farrell and Julia Gillard enjoy a laugh at last week’s COAG meeting. AAP/Lukas Coch

COAG: the theatre and the reality

The rituals before a Council of Australian Governments meeting tend to outweigh the substance and outcomes from the meeting. By playing the parochial card before the meeting, state premiers sell themselves…
The Federal Government has fast-tracked applications by skilled US workers to fill trades gaps in Australia, citing the close relationship between the countries. But motives of employers pushing the scheme should examined critically. AAP

US workers get the nod … but what does this mean for the local workforce?

The Federal Government recently announced that it would use the 457 visa skilled migration program to fast-track the number of skilled workers applying from the United States. In defending this move, Federal…
Queensland Premier Campbell Newman congratulates Health and Community Services Minister Tracy Davis as she is sworn in. AAP Image/John Pryke

Campbell’s cabinet and the curious case of the career politicians

During the much-anticipated announcement of his new cabinet line-up in Brisbane last Friday, incoming Queensland Premier Campbell Newman emphasised his new team’s diversity, both geographically and in…
New guidelines based on best practice for treating sepsis are now available for nurses. University of Salford

Explainer: how is septicaemia treated?

Sepsis is extremely common and accounts for as many deaths as heart attack each year. Recently published guidelines summarise the most up-to-date method of caring for these patients, giving hope for improved…

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