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A mother (right) talks to her children’s teachers on the progress of her children’s education in Kediri, East Java. During the pandemic, schools in Indonesia are closed and classes are conducted online. This adds to the burden on women. ANTARA FOTO/Prasetia Fauzani

Indonesia’s rise in domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic: why it happens and how to seek help

The rate of domestic violence cases has increased in Indonesia due to the pandemic.
David Fairchild (middle) drinks coconut water during a break from research work in West Java. Fairchild, D. (1938). The World was My Garden: Travels of Plant Explorer. New York, London

Why the role of native Indonesians in developing science is often overlooked during colonialism

In the history of science, the role of local people often disappears despite their contribution to the development of science.
Raising premiums for Indonesia’s national insurance – while everything else in the health system is unchanged – is not the best policy option.

Raising national health insurance premiums doesn’t solve Indonesia’s health-care problems: this is what needs to be done

Starting July 1 2020, the Indonesian government will increase almost twice the premiums of its national health insurance to buffer its deficit. However such a move only addresses short-term problems.
A child in a poor and isolated village in Rote Island, East Nusa Tenggara. (Shtterstock/Reezky Pradata)

Without intervention, model shows COVID-19 will drag at least 3.6 million Indonesians into poverty

Bappenas conducted a simulation to predict how COVID-19 will impact poverty in Indonesia. Without intervention, the pandemic will drag at least 3.6 million Indonesians into poverty by the end of 2020.

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