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Location of the Buran Kaya III (1), Zlatý Kůň (2), Fournol (3), Serinyà (4), Krems-Wachtberg (5) and Věstonice (6) archeological sites, whose remains were were analysed in the study. Also shown are one of the analysed skull fragments and pierced beads discovered with the bone fragments from the Buran Kaya III site, as well as the Venus statuettes from Věstonice, Willendorf and the Dame de Brassempouy (from right to left). E-M. Geigl

Skulls in Ukraine reveal early modern humans came from the East

Genetic analysis of two skull fragments dating back almost 40,000 years shows that our species colonised Europe from the east and interbred with our Neanderthal cousins.
Donald Tusk holding a sign that reads “it’s time for a happy Poland”. EPA/Marian Zubrzycki

Poland votes for change after nearly a decade spent sliding towards autocracy – but tricky coalition talks lie ahead for Donald Tusk

Law and Justice emerges as the biggest party but without a majority, leaving the door open for a large coalition led by the former president of the European Council.
French citizens celebrate Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the country’s 2017 presidential elections. Lorie Shaull/Flickr

Debate: Why France needs the Fifth Republic

Opposition forces in France are using the president’s unpopularity to push for a new constitution. It’s a dangerous game.

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