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Limitations in census reporting includes how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander caregivers are reported on and considered. GettyImages

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population has increased, but the census lacks detail in other facets of Indigenous lives

The census includes an increase in the number of people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, but it lacks details about other ways they may identity and how they live.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau walks in Toronto’s Pride parade in June, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Challenging the whiteness of queer organizations

Decolonial work is necessary. Queer people, communities and organizations have a responsibility to work toward undoing historical and contemporary wrongs.
People take part in the annual Gay Pride Parade, under the protection of riot police in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Sept. 19, 2021. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

Other frontlines: How the war in Ukraine is transforming the LGBTQ+ rights landscape in Europe

While it is tempting to view the war in Ukraine as a metaphor for some larger struggle between a tolerant West and an intolerant East, the reality is inevitably far more complex.
Russian President Vladimir Putin takes part in an ice hockey match between former NHL stars and officials at the Shayba Arena in Sochi, Russia, in 2015. A patriarchal notion of masculinity has been central to Putin’s rule. (AP Photo/Artur Lebedev)

Vladimir Putin, the czar of macho politics, is threatened by gender and sexuality rights

Putin has been consumed with presenting a hyper-macho image throughout his presidency. And in recent years, he’s ramped up sexist and LGBTQ-phobic rhetoric.
Johan Joseph Zoffany. David with the head of Goliath 1756. Oil on canvas 92.2 × 74.7 cm. National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne. Purchased with the assistance of the Isabella Mary Curnick Bequest and The Art Foundation of Victoria, 1994 National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

‘This show exceeds the hype’: NGV’s Queer advances a beautiful and challenging reading of the queer gaze in art

The ‘queer gaze’ is presenting a new and alternative reading for art of the past and of the present.
The dance floor was a place of belonging in the face of homophobic violence, the HIV/AIDS epidemic and moralistic representations of gay life. (Philip Share/Craig Jennex)

How LGBTQ2+ 1980s dance parties sparked collective joy and power — and can again

Toronto’s Gay Community Dance Committee funded lesbian and gay liberation organizing in an unkind era that made community work not only difficult, but increasingly necessary.

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