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McGill University is one of Canada’s best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the country’s leading research-intensive universities. McGill was founded in 1821 and offers degrees and diplomas in more than 300 fields of study.


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India boasts strong research expertise and technological and pharmaceutical capacity, yet lacks strong financial and political commitment from the government - to end the tuberculosis epidemic. (AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh)

India’s ambitious new plan to conquer TB needs cash and commitment

India has a radical new plan to eliminate TB, backed by research and technological expertise. The country just needs strong financial and political commitment from government to implement it.
Un étudiant en médecine explique les soins à une enfant, dans le cadre de l'opération Hôpital des nounours à Caen. Des études à risque de souffrance psychique. Gaëtan Zarforoushan/Flickr

Épuisement, dépression, suicide : comment protéger les étudiants en médecine

Un nouveau suicide d'interne, à Paris, déclenche une polémique. Une proportion importante des futurs médecins souffre de symptômes anxieux et dépressifs. Pourtant, les remèdes existent.
Le conducteur qui a foncé dans une pizzeria à Sept-Sors en Seine-et-Marne, causant la mort d'une fillette, présente des signes de troubles psychiatriques. Léonard Ortuso/communication Sdis 77

La place des malades psychiatriques est à l’hôpital, pas en prison

Les personnes présentant des troubles psychiatriques sont trop souvent incarcérées en cas d’acte grave. Cette problématique ressurgit avec les drames de Marseille et de Sept-Sorts.
People cheer as Senegalese troops arrive to take charge of security at the presidential palace in Banjul, The Gambia. EPA/Legnan Koula

What the rest of Africa can learn from The Gambia’s transition to democracy

The adoption of the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance five years ago raised hopes for a new democratic Africa. But its ideals remain elusive for many parts of the continent.
Burundian refugees fleeing conflict at home gather on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Kigoma region in western Tanzania. Thomas Mukoya/Reuters

Africa has some work to do before it starts its own humanitarian agency

The initiative to establish an African Humanitarian Agency is a welcome one. But political, technical and financial support will matter. This will require the AU to take a pragmatic approach. Can it?
Census collectors go door to door in Sydney in 2011, the 100th year of census taking in Australia. Now the next census, due in 2016, is in doubt. AAP/Dean Lewins

Australians should learn from Canadians’ big census mistake

Before Australia proceeds with plans to devote fewer resources to a less frequent national census, we should consider the Canadian experience of what losing such rich data means.
There are more parallels between quantum mechanics and international relations than you might think. Liam Gillick/Wikimedia

When quantum mechanics and international relations collide

Wars and atoms have, as it were, a conjugated history. On the eve of the second world war, physicists Albert Einstein and Leó Szilárd wrote a letter to President Franklin D Roosevelt to inform him of the…

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