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Masyarakat perlu didorong untuk menjadi pihak yang secara aktif bersolidaritas memperjuangkan hak-hak anak dengan HIV/AIDS. Stringer/Reuters

Stigma masyarakat menghambat pemenuhan hak asasi anak dengan HIV/AIDS di Indonesia

Stigma masyarakat seringkali menjadi jalan buntu bagi pemenuhan hak asasi manusia bagi anak dengan HIV/AIDS.
Metropoles like Shanghai have survived and thrived in large part because of their massive populations. But what happens when people start to become a liability rather than an asset? Reuters/Aly Song

Can the world’s megacities survive the digital age?

Research shows that technology disrupts economies of scale, turning megacities' huge populations from strength to liability. To survive, megacities, like companies, must adapt.
The remains of one of six partially eroded islands in the nation of Solomon Islands. Simon Albert/Reuters

Can we save low-lying island nations from rising seas?

Due to rising sea levels, low-lying island nations are in immediate danger. If drastic measures are taken, this disastrous trend can be transformed into an opportunity for sustainable development.
A 3D printer creates a sophisticated geometric structure, developed by Silicon Valley startup Carbon. Reuters Staff

How 3D printing could disrupt Asia’s manufacturing economies

Objects of almost any shape or geometry can be produced by 3D printing. The technology could seriously disrupt not just manufacturing but related national plans for economic development.
The first ever ‘red alert’ day in Beijing: reducing air pollution is one of the primary reasons for government action on climate change. Reuters

Why China and the US have found common purpose on climate change

The US-China relationship is crucial to any global deal on climate change. How strong is their common commitment to working on climate change, and can it last?

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