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Scientists have a better understanding of the contribution of melting glacier and ice sheets to sea level rise, but much remains uncertain. Flickr/ChrisGoldNY

Melting ice the greatest factor in rising sea levels

Melting glaciers and ice sheets have contributed more to rising sea levels in the past decade than expansion from warming…
Sometimes even the clearest signs of change are ignored. Flickr/baldeaglebluff

Adapting to climate change: more questions than answers!

With increasing global greenhouse gas emissions, and no clear internationally-agreed path for emission reductions, we are faced with a global climate that will be at least two degrees warmer than today…
Natural records taken from coral, tree rings and ice cores helped to provide a “climate picture” for the past 1,000 years. AAP Image/ARC Centre of Excellence, Natalie Rosser

Post-1950s warming in region unmatched in 1,000 years

Update October 2012: The manuscript “Evidence of unusual late 20th century warming from an Australasian temperature reconstruction…
Scientists say the supply of freshwater in Australia could eventually be at risk. AAP/Linda Silmalis

Dry parts of the planet to get drier, wet parts wetter

The cycle of evaporation and rainfall over the past 50 years has intensified at twice the rate predicted by climate change…
Tiny humans would consume less and emit less, but who’s ready to genetically engineer their kids? Dylan Luder

No modest proposal: bioengineering humans for global warming

You know the situation is getting desperate when three bio-ethicists propose genetically modifying humans to reduce our environmental impact. In a bizarre paper titled Human engineering and climate change…

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