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Advances in facial recognition technology may have useful applications in healthcare. Getty Images

Foetal alcohol syndrome: facial modelling study explores technology to aid diagnosis

Key to diagnosing foetal alcohol syndrome is an assessment of certain facial features. A 3D facial scan is expensive but 2D images may offer a solution.
Tom Hardy in Venom: the intense action sequences are balanced by disarming humour. Avi Arad Productions, Columbia Pictures Corporation,Marvel Entertainment.

Venom: an excellent superhero film, perhaps best not experienced in 4DX

Venom is an engrossing science fiction film, which balances intense action sequences with disarming humour. Viewing it in 4DX, however, did not add to the experience.
A 3D model of a development scenario in Brisbane’s West End produced using ESRI’s CityEngine program. Author supplied

How virtual 3D modelling and simulation can help us create better cities

3D urban modelling is a transformative technology for designing cities. But incorporating new technologies into planning practice has its challenges.
What’s the bet they didn’t buy one? Shutterstock/Dusan Petkovic

3D television is dead… so what next?

TV manufacturers have turned their backs on 3D technology. But there’s a new technology hoping to win over viewers, and you don’t need to buy a new TV.
More tech on the way to keep us watching sport live on TV. CCat

New gadgets and gimmicks to keep us watching sport live on TV

Australia’s love of sport appears to be more from in front of a TV screen than actually attending any event live, and that could be on the increase given some of the new technology heading our way. Samsung…
Technology is broadening the ways researchers interact with artefacts. VentureBeat

Please touch the artefacts: 3D technology is changing museums

3D technologies have been around for years – but it’s only now that 3D scanning and printing devices have become both accessible and affordable for many users. The result? New uses are blossoming in every…
Zero gravitas. Warner Bros. Pictures

Why Gravity does not deserve the Best Picture Oscar

Gravity has been nominated for ten Oscars, and sauntered away from the BAFTAS with a controversial Outstanding British Film award under its belt too (much of it was shot in the UK, yes, but the stars shining…
For years, communication through holograms has been confined to Star Wars and other science fiction. But new research means we may be using holograms in day-to-day life sooner than you think. Paula Dawson

Television got you feeling flat? Switch over to 3D Holo-TV

Communication though holographic TV - also known as Holo-TV - has, for decades, been a science fiction dream. But now, thanks to developments in display technology reported in Nature today, it is likely…
Changes in the environment will be easier to automatically detect using new 3D mapping technology. JasonDGreat

Scanning for suspicious packages just got easier

Suspicious packages and public spaces go together like, well, like suspicious packages and public spaces. Sadly, they’re something we all know about, get warned about and, increasingly, have to worry about…

3D printer makes transplant jaw

A 3D printer has been used by scientists at Hasselt University in Belgium to create a platinum jaw transplant in the Netherlands…

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