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Mexicans are taking matters into their own hands. Esther Vargas

Vigilantes patrol as Mexico concludes its energy reform

In 2013, Mexico signed into law an important and controversial set of structural reforms, one of which opens the way for foreign companies to profit from Mexico’s oil holdings. An article in The Economist…
Immunity has been central to cracking down on cartels - but does it work the way it’s supposed to? Image sourced from

Does immunity for cartel whistleblowers really work?

Australia’s competition watchdog is reviewing one of its most powerful weapons in its cartel enforcement arsenal - its immunity policy. Widely seen as the most harmful type of anti-competitive conduct…
Shell and BP in less competitive times. flikr/recursion_see_recursion

Oil, the marketing wolf pack, and EU price-fixing

When most of us think of cartels, we think of Colombian drug gangs rather than multi-national businesses. But not any more; if European regulators are to be believed, a cartel has been operating much closer…
We might pay more for cocaine in Australia but the social and economic costs of its use reach beyond our shores. Corbis

The true cost of cocaine

According to the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime, Australians are now the world’s eighth highest per capita users of cocaine. Cocaine use within the wealthier echelons of society is so unremarkable…
A new 16 minute anti-cartel film produced by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission aims to breaks through widely-held business views around collusion.

Will the ACCC’s foray into film make its mark on cartel behaviour?

Close scrutiny and tough sanctioning of cartel conduct (involving price fixing, market sharing, output reduction and bid rigging by competing businesses) has been a focus of competition law and enforcement…

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