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Brazilian football star Pele getting the COVID vaccine in Sao Paulo. Advice of Pele/Handout/EPA

From Elvis to Dolly, celebrity endorsements might be the key to countering vaccine hesitancy

From Queen Elizabeth to Willie Nelson, celebrities have long used their platforms to promote public health information. Why do people trust celebrities for health advice more than the government?
Are the celebrities onto something with their IV vitamin cocktails? Let’s look at the evidence before rushing to the therapy lounge. from

Do vitamin drips really work? The evidence says ‘no’, so save your money and eat real food

If their social media accounts were anything to go by, celebrities can’t get enough of vitamin and mineral infusions, or vitamin drips. Now therapy lounges are popping up for everyone else to try.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and musician Demi Lovato. AP Photo/Jae C. Hong

What Ted Nugent and Demi Lovato can do for Trump and Clinton

When a celebrity runs for president, do celebrity endorsements matter? A survey of likely voters shows how tricky it can be to mix celebrity and politics.
Clare Balding and Frankie Dettori take the challenge. Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Ice bucket good, neknomination bad? It’s all just self-promotion

Now that every celebrity under the sun and every Facebook user has posted a video of themselves getting wet, it appears we have reached peak ice bucket. A trend that started as a drive to raise awareness…
“If Scotland votes yes, it’ll be the end of the Hogwarts Express!” Anthony Devlin

Scotland Decides ’14: does anyone really care what celebrities think?

Barely a day goes by when there’s not another famous face giving a nod or a headshake to independence. Most recently Daniel Radcliffe and veteran Scottish comic actor Stanley Baxter have both said no…
Fame at last for the cast of Geordie Shore. Ian West/PA

Reality stars have their uses … for big business

The rise of social media over the past ten years has radically changed how we perceive “celebrities” and the corporate machine around them. While most of us understand what is meant by a “D-Lister”, complex…
Food products spruiking their nutritional content or featuring images of male sports stars were more attractive to children, the study found.

Boys prefer foods spruiked by sports celebs: study

Boys are more likely to choose unhealthy foods with on-pack endorsements by sports stars than those without, a new study of primary school-aged children has found. The Cancer Council Victoria’s Centre…
Can on-field adulation translate to off-field trustworthiness? AAP Image/Dean Lewins

Big league stakes: gambling on a sport legend to sell coal seam gas

Darren Lockyer knows a thing or two about conversions, having banged hundreds between the posts and over the crossbar during his rugby league career. He retired on a high in 2011, having captained the…
Kylie Minogue’s very public battle with breast cancer led to more women getting screened. AAP

Can celebrities be good for public health? Experts face off

Celebrities can successfully help promote public health say experts, despite questions about the long-term benefit that might be delivered from hiring a publicity magnet to promote a cause. In two articles…

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