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Workers collected crabs caught by fishermen in Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia, 9 September 2020. ANTARA FOTO/Dedhez Anggara/wsj

Could frozen food transmit COVID-19?

Almost all food safety authority from most countries in the world agreed that no strong scientific proof that SARS-CoV-2 is transferable through food chain.

Frozen, canned or fermented: when you can’t shop often for fresh vegetables, what are the best alternatives?

It’s a great time to learn how to ferment foods. And don’t turn your nose up at frozen veggies - they can be just as nutritious as some of the fresh produce in shops.
Don’t shun processed or ultra-processed foods entirely. Not only do they save families time and money, many processed foods have been unfairly maligned and can be nutritious as well as economical and convenient. (Shutterstock)

In defence of ‘ultra-processed’ foods

Processed foods can be nutritious as well as economical and convenient. So let’s stop demonizing processed foods, and ease up on those who turn to them for convenience and price.
Frozen, dried and freeze-dried fruit are certainly convenient. But are they as good for you as fresh fruit? from

Health Check: what’s better for you, fresh, dried or frozen fruit?

Dried and frozen fruit contain more sugar than their fresh equivalents. So, why do we think they’re healthy?

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