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Teaspoons seem to have legs. from

The curious case of the missing workplace teaspoons

Once upon a time, a group of disheartened scientists found their tearoom bereft of teaspoons. They explored the problem with a longitudinal study design.
Studies have found caffeinated drinks retain about as much fluid as water or sports drinks. Kyle Meck/Unsplash

Health Check: does caffeine cause dehydration?

Regular caffeine intake makes us tolerant to the effect on irregular users of wanting to go to the toilet.
While the US government remains shut down, the long game for Republicans like Speaker John Boehner remains the debt ceiling crisis. EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo

Raise the roof: the politics of the US debt ceiling crisis

The US government shutdown is in its second week, but attention in the country has shifted elsewhere: to the looming debt ceiling crisis. On October 17, the US runs out of money to pay its bills. Both…
The party may be over for right-wing republicans. sobyrne99

Tea Party goes cold as US voters reject the far right

The Tea Party Movement appeared to have become a major force in American politics in the 2010 mid-term elections, sweeping 87 new Republicans into the lower house, biting into the Democrats’ lead in the…

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