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Corporations need our help. Crispin Semmens

How to pull the plug on irresponsible capitalism

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has proposed a plan to stop companies from avoiding billions of dollars in taxes. As we know from the scandals surrounding Amazon, Starbucks, Vodafone…
Root and Branch review in the offing at Tesco? Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

New Tesco CEO might enjoy the benefits of a dramatic debut

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The well-known words of Winston Churchill are probably on the mind of Dave Lewis, the new CEO of Tesco. The company faced what many deemed to be the worst crisis…
In the balance. Tesco’s woes draw in its auditors as the shares plunge. Andy Rain/EPA

Trolley load of trouble in store for Tesco and its bean counters

The news that Tesco overstated its half-year profit guidance by £250m has sent the company’s share price tumbling – and poses serious questions about its auditing and corporate governance. The company…
Commonly held beliefs about what makes a good board of directors are often wrong. Shutterstock

Boards, risk taking and independence: a $50bn mistake

The Australian Institute of Company Directors is pushing for company directors to be better protected from lawsuits, arguing concern about jail time and fines is impacting director decisions and ultimately…
Shell companies can still flourish in sunny tax havens. Gronkh

Don’t be misled by Vince Cable’s talk of corporate transparency

Business secretary Vince Cable has announced his intention to create a public register of UK company ownership in a bid to tackle tax evasion and money laundering by shady corporate bodies. But don’t believe…
New guidelines tighten requirements for listed entities to report on risks outside financial ones. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

New ASX guidelines to force sustainability reporting

Publicly listed companies will need to disclose exposure to economic, environmental and social sustainability risks for the…
Investor confidence is evaporating on fears of low returns and increased market volatility. But a new survey also found corporate governance issues weighing on the minds of retail investors. AAP/Paul Miller

Investor confidence takes a tumble over corporate governance, volatility

An overwhelming proportion of investors want the introduction of a rating system to identify poorly governed companies, according…
New research highlights the informed nature of buy-sell-buy trades. Publik16/Flickr

In defence of active fund managers

Australian investors and superannuation funds have invested hundreds of billions of their life savings with active fund managers. These funds have very high fees compared with index funds to cover not…
Sixties style - Mad Men characters Roger Sterling and Don Draper still show men how it’s done in business and politics. AAP

Men at the helm – mad, bad and dangerous to know

Labor may have “ditched the witch”, but does the ejection of Julia Gillard from her seat of power close the book on the debate about sexism that she championed and the role of women in leadership? Our…
Boards will need to be ‘six-capital literate’ in order to assess performance, identify risks and develop strategy. Shutterstock

Integrated reporting to walk more than the bottom line

Paul Druckman, the CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), recently led the coalition’s global charge on corporate reporting changes to Australia, where he bolstered support and talked…
What is red tape for one company might be a saving grace for another - but a new survey of directors show a high proportion believe it affects their company’s profitability. Flickr/eblaser

Rules and regulations - or red tape? Perception is everything for directors

Which one of the following from last century’s corporate office is still around – blotting paper, carbon paper, telex machines, dictation machines, Sellotape, red tape? Well there is some Sellotape to…
The key to corporate social responsibility lies in encouraging individual action and integrity. source: shutterstock.

Integrity pays dividends: the case for minding your own business

The first decade of the 21st century has heightened interest in the ethical and social positioning of companies. However, one of the real dilemmas associated with the movement toward more “corporate social…

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