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Big Data can and is being used for good, but greater transparency is required to remove the ‘creepy’ factor.

Taking the ‘creepy’ out of Big Data

Big Data has a reputation for being creepy; the domain of “Big Business” and “Big Government”. At best it’s the driver of relentless advertising, uniquely targeted and eerily reminiscent of our most recent…
The skills required to tap Big Data include statistics, mathematics, computer science and engineering.

Solving Big Data’s big skills shortage

According to analyst firm Gartner, Big Data is at the portion of the hype cycle called the “peak of inflated expectations”. The business world is awash with all sorts of claims about the magic of Big Data…
Corporate data, once resigned to magnetic tapes, is now able to be manipulated on a much finer grained scale. TunnelBug/Flickr

Big data and big business: it’s what you do with it that matters

The crucial thing about “big data” is the data. “Big” is relative, and while size often matters, real disruption can come from data of any size. This is not a new idea, being several hundred years old…

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