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Without more investment in public housing, many homeless older women will have nowhere to go. EPA/Sergei Chirikov

Building funds cut even as older women swell ranks of homeless

Social services minister Kevin Andrews recently announced an extension of funding for the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness (NPAH) until June 30, 2015. This agreement funds 180 homelessness…
Desolation: why are all these houses empty? Peter Byrne/PA

Reach out to owners to fill Britain’s empty homes

London is about to experience a residential building boom the like of which the capital hasn’t experienced in decades. According to a report from New London Architecture there are more than 230 new high-rise…
The number of Australians sleeping rough decreased but overall rates of homelessness rose by 8%. sk8geek

Sharp rise in youth homelessness shatters stereotypes

The number of Australians who were homeless on census night increased by 17% to 105,237 in the five years to August 2011. When adjusted for population growth, the increase the increase is still worryingly…
The new definition is based on the notion of a “home” rather than minimum community standards of housing. Deadly Sirius

Definition of homelessness changes but problems remain

According to the best estimates at the time, almost 105,000 Australians were homeless on census night in August 2006. This promoted then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to make the ambitious commitment to accommodate…
Despite a growth in the study of homelessness, significant gaps remain in our understanding of it. Flickr/Davco9200

Caught in a longterm cycle: homelessness in Australia

In Australia the homeless population has become more diverse over the last 20 years, with more young people, women and families experiencing homelessness. This has led to a growth in the study of homelessness…

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