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Desk-based office workers should spend at least two hours of their working day standing or moving. Tim Caynes/Flickr

Office workers, stand up from your desk for two hours a day

We've known for some time that too much sitting increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease. But until now it's been unclear how much standing during the work day may counter this risk.
The link between furniture and contentment has far-reaching effects. Kathrin & Stefan Marks

Are you sitting comfortably? Why good furniture helps sustainability

Since Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair of 1925 the formula for comfortable seating has been known: create a right-angle, open it up a tad, and tip it backward, so that the seat places the bottom lower than…

Unseating the chair

Elizabeth Tunstall Chairs are a health hazard – that is according to Galen Cranz, U.C. Berkley Professor of Architecture and author of the book, The Chair: rethinking body, culture, and design. She states…
Prolonged sitting activates an alarm and light to encourage the user to move around. Gemma Ryde, University of Queensland.

Bing! New chair pad sounds alarm after prolonged sitting

Researchers have developed a new office chair “sitting pad” that sounds an alarm when its owner has been sitting too long…
Office workers should spend less time sitting and more time standing, experts say. AAP/Alan Porritt

Stand up for your life: sitting can be a death sentence

Adults who spend 11 or more hours a day sitting are at a 40% increased risk of dying in the next three years compared with…

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