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Big tech giants have become not just omnipresent but omnipowerful. Will their might be reined in in 2021? (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan)

Why we should rein in the big tech giants in 2021 — and beyond

Tech giants are not just surviving the pandemic; they're thriving. In 2021 and in the post-pandemic era, anti-trust regulations in tech must be revamped.
Atlantios + saylow/Pixabay

Science needs myths to thrive

Research is more profitable and productive than ever before, but it risks losing its sense of values and ethics.
Supermarket pharmacies have been around in the US, UK and mainland Europe for years. But will Australia follow? from

A loaf of bread and a packet of pills: how supermarket pharmacies could change the way we shop

If Australia follows international trends and allows supermarkets to open pharmacies, what are the effects on neighbouring pharmacies? And when does running a business mean health care suffers?
Boxers Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Conor McGregor engage in some verbal sparring prior to their 2017 bout. AP Photo/John Locher

When does trash talking work?

Whether it frustrates or motivates your opponent can depend on the situation.

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