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Where’s the evidence on performance-related pay for teachers? Monkey Business Images/

Can a 2% pay rise motivate top teachers?

Attracting high-performing graduates into the profession might work better than performance-related pay.
How did US student loan debt get so big? Flickr/thisisbossi

Explainer: the US student loan problem and how we got here

The US student loan system is unique in age, size, and scope. Since 1958, the US has had some form of federally sponsored student loan system. Since inception, college and borrowing have become much more…
Finland is the country to beat. Kimmo Brandt/EPA

Debate education efficiency, but don’t rank countries on it

There has been a recent explosion of interest in the effectiveness of education systems around the world, largely driven by international studies that compare the performance of large samples of students…
Cameron and Gove team up to open a Birmingham free school in September 2013. Paul Rogers/The Times/PA Archive

What are free schools the answer to?

The government’s free school policy, which allows local communities to set up new schools that are funded by the state, has come under attack in recent days by MPs and sparked a row within the coalition…
Education Minister Christopher Pyne has flagged the possibility of selling off Australia’s HECS debt to help raise funds for the government. Alan Porritt/AAP

Selling off the HECS debt could be a super solution

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has confirmed the government is considering securitising Australia’s HECS debt, and has referred the issue to the Commission of Audit. This has immediately attracted…
Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai met with United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon at UN headquarters in New York to call for freedom for education for children globally. EPA/Justin Lane

Malala’s dreams are up against a rough terrain

Pakistani teenager Malala Yousafzai, now recovered from serious injuries after the Taliban shot her last year, delivered a defiant speech to the United Nations General Assembly over the weekend. She called…
There have been two major reports this year looking into how university places are funded – so which was right? Student money image from

Undergraduate study: who should pay?

The past year has seen two major reports on the economics of higher education, each seeking to reform the way undergraduate study is financed. The Grattan Institute’s Graduate Winners appeared in August…
The role of TAFEs in supporting innovation by anticipating knowledge and skills can’t be easily picked up by universities. (AAP Image/Joe Castro

TAFE cuts will affect everyone: state governments should think again

TAFE staff are striking today to demonstrate their opposition to unparalleled funding cutbacks totalling almost $300 million imposed by the Victorian State Government. A recent leaked cabinet paper summarising…
Police struggle with students as they try to break into the British Conservative Party Headquarters in London during a demonstration against raising of caps on student tuition fees in 2010. AAP

HECS architect says Grattan Institute fee proposal will be seen as ‘unfair’

Today’s proposal by the Grattan Institute for higher education students to pay more will be viewed by many as unfair and unreasonable, says Australian National University Professor Bruce Chapman. “No one…

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