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Articles on UK elections 2015

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Morning after: how the nationals covered the election. Paperboy

Election coverage: sweet victory or a new low for UK press?

So that’s that, then. The pollsters got it wildly wrong and the UK did not wake up on Friday to endless debates about coalitions, minority governments and who would deal with whom. Instead a startled “national…
Five more years: David Cameron returns to Number 10 Downing Street. EPA/Andy Rain

Britain’s election is over – so what does it all mean?

A stunning surprise put the Conservatives back in power with no need for a coalition, while the Scottish nationalists stormed to victory north of the border. What now?
Crushing defeat for the Labour leader. Nigel Roddis/EPA

Milibandism crushed at the polls, but Ed doomed from the start

Five years ago, Ed Miliband decided to stand for the leadership of the Labour Party because he felt the global financial crisis had opened the way to a centre-left moment. He was ready to turn the page…

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