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MRIs of 9,000 people have shown that depression shrinks parts of the brain. from

Depression damages parts of the brain, research concludes

Brain damage is caused by persistent depression rather than being a predisposing factor for it, researchers have finally concluded after decades of unconfirmed hypothesising.
The power is yours. wycliffesa

What sign language teaches us about the brain

The world’s leading humanoid robot, ASIMO, has recently learnt sign language. The news of this breakthrough came just as I completed Level 1 of British Sign Language (I dare say it took me longer to master…
By mimicking each other, humans try to physically understand each others’ emotions. Flickr: modenadude

Explainer: how we understand people and why it’s important

Social cognition is our ability to understand other people, and it enables us to predict their behaviour and share experiences. It’s also critical to understanding the many nuances underpinning everyday…
An emerging drug treatment is effective in mice but translating these results to humans will take time. TheTun/Shutterstock

Developing drugs to reduce brain impairment after stroke

Stroke claims five million lives worldwide each year and is the second biggest killer after ischaemic heart disease. Of those who survive, a significant number (around five million) live with neurological…
Insult to injury: this guy is now at greater risk of having a stroke. Wikiphoto

Brain injury added to multitude of stroke risk factors

A new study from the American Academy of Neurology suggests that traumatic brain injury could be one of the many factors associated with the risk of ischaemic stroke. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is…

Fish oil prevents brain damage in mice

Fish oil injection prevents brain damage after a stroke in mice. After inducing a stroke in new-born mice, researchers injected…

Brain maps reveal where decisions happen

Data studied over 30 years has revealed that reasoning and behavioural control depend on a different area from decision-making…
The brain repairs itself only minimally following damage or disease. x-ray delta one

Set to fade: is the brain doomed to degenerate?

Welcome to the sixth and final part of _On the Brain, a Conversation series by people whose job it is to know as much as there is to know about the body’s most complex organ. Here, Professor Malcolm Horne…
Everything from playing sport to speaking a foreign language is better when done automatically. pfv

Your brain knows the moves (you just get in its way)

Welcome to part two of _On the brain, a Conversation series by people whose job it is to know as much as there is to know about the body’s most complex organ. Here, Malcolm Horne, deputy director of the…

Vitamin E reduces stroke damage

Regular doses of vitamin E may reduce brain damage in stroke victims, according to researchers at a US university. Researchers…

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