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Monash University was established in 1958 and welcomed its first intake of students in 1961. In its fifty year history, the university has established itself as one of Australia’s finest tertiary institutions, building an enviable reputation for both its outstanding teaching and its transformative research. Today, Monash is Australia’s largest university, boasting a global network of more than 250,000 alumni.


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Is the “waterbed effect” - where manufacturers attempt to recoup discounts given to large retailers by raising prices for smaller competitors - an issue in Australia? AAP

Who suffers when retailers exercise their market muscle?

When a major retailer uses its countervailing power (or “market muscle”) to negotiate better terms from suppliers, should policy makers be concerned? In Australia, the debate has focused on dairy farmers…

Deregulate HECS already!

Last week’s story on The Conversation saw HECS architect Bruce Chapman bemoaning lost tax revenue from graduates who flee overseas away from the clutches of the Australian Tax Office (ATO). Here’s an idea…
Newsrooms are changing, and so is the business model that underpins them. Flickr/Caroline Treadway

Charity case: can philanthropic journalism last?

Despite rapid growth in the number of non-profit investigative centres in the United States and many fine examples of quality journalism by such centres, uncertainty remains over the longer-term sustainability…
Conflict of interest management depends on the existence of a critical culture that recognises the issues. Waldo Jaquith

Don’t show me the money: the dangers of non-financial conflicts

TRANSPARENCY AND MEDICINE – A series examining issues from ethics to the evidence in evidence-based medicine, the influence of medical journals to the role of Big Pharma in our present and future health…
Perceptions of conflict can be just as damaging to community confidence as conflicts themselves. 401K/Flickr

Show and tell: conflicts of interest undeclared for clinical guidelines

TRANSPARENCY AND MEDICINE – A series examining issues from ethics to the evidence in evidence-based medicine, the influence of medical journals to the role of Big Pharma in our present and future health…
Systematic reviews help consumers, practitioners and policy makers identify what works. Kenny Holston 21/Flickr

How do we know what works? Systematic research reviews

We work at the Australasian Cochrane Centre and we dread being asked what we do for a living. This isn’t because we don’t like what we do, in fact we love it. It’s because when we explain that our job…
No independent studies have examined the safety of Tasers on diverse populations.

Why the taser-related death toll is rising

The death of 21-year-old Brazilian national, Roberto Laudisio Cruti, on a Sydney street after being tasered by police has ignited questions about the safety and police use of these weapons. Tasers, the…
Long-term job insecurity affects the quality of life for many women. vlima

Social policy can secure a better future for working women

Against a backdrop of international economic uncertainty, there are pressures for greater labour flexibility as employers complain of costs and reduced competitiveness with the high Australian dollar…
Apple will pay a dividend to shareholders for the first time since 1995, as it considers how to spend its amassed warchest. AAP

How to spend $100 billion: Apple announces dividend, buyback plans

Apple today announced it would pay its first shareholder dividends in almost 20 years, marking a distinct break from the late Steve Jobs’ “no dividends” policy. The world’s biggest corporation by market…
Most children with autism want friends but social graces don’t come naturally. Flickr/mikebaird

Five myths about autism

As knowledge and awareness of autism grows in the community, so do the myths. Autism is currently diagnosed according to behaviours which fit into three broad areas: social difficulties, communication…
IMF head Christine Lagarde sees some positives in global economic growth: but we should be wary of broad projections. AAP

Trouble lurks for Australia amid shallow economic forecasts

The recent economic forecasts of the IMF and OECD about prospects for economic growth remind me of an aphorism about the economist who drowned while crossing a river he estimated that was, on average…
The government’s obligations to immigration detainees are very similar to those of prisoners. AAP/Dean Lewins

After Serco, what rights do asylum seekers have in detention?

A training manual instructing immigration detention centre guards to use force to incapacitate detainees was leaked this week. It included techniques to kick, punch and target pressure points on detainees…

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