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National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is a comprehensive research university located in Singapore, being the flagship tertiary institution of the country which has a global approach to education and research. Founded in 1905, it is the oldest higher learning institute in Singapore, as well as the largest university in the country in terms of student enrollment and curriculum offered.

The university’s main campus is located in southwest Singapore at Kent Ridge, with an area of approximately 1.5 km2 (0.58 sq mi). The Bukit Timah campus houses the Faculty of Law, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy and research institutes, while the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore is located at the Outram campus.

The former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had named NUS as the headquarters of his Asian Faith and Globalization Initiative together with Durham University in the UK and Yale University in the USA to deliver an exclusive programme in partnership with Tony Blair Faith Foundation.


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A fisherman removes a fishing net laid out to dry on the outskirts of Mumbai, India, on May 5 2020. Francis Mascarenhas/Antara Foto/Reuters

How COVID-19 worsens hunger in India, the world’s largest food basket

The pandemic has disrupted local, regional and national supply chains, making the problem of hunger in India much worse.
Petugas kesehatan melayani tes cepat (rapid test) COVID-19 kepada calon Petugas Pemutakhiran Data Pemilih (PPDP) di Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur. ANTARA FOTO/Budi Candra Setya/wsj

Pentingnya menghindari bias kognitif dalam memilih pemimpin yang baik saat pemilu

Mengenai bias kognitif kita dan menghindarinya akan membantu kita dalam membuat keputusan yang tepat dalam pemilihan umum, yang tentunya akan berkontribusi buat masa depan bangsa yang lebih baik.
A regional election commission member in Banyuwangi, East Java, is tested for COVID-19. Indonesia plans to hold its biggest regional election in December this year. Budi Candra Setya/wsj/Antara Foto

How to elect the right leader by getting rid of our cognitive biases

Recognising our cognitive biases and avoid them will help us make sounder decisions, and therefore, a better decision for our country!
Despite assurances of a sufficient and stable supply, citizens start to hoard toilet paper and other food items.

COVID-19: how to deal with our cognitive biases

Cognitive biases often lead us to irrational behaviours such as hoarding toilet paper.
(Fun Man Fung/National University of Singapore)

Cara menciptakan kelas online yang interaktif di tengah pandemi COVID-19: pelajaran dari Singapura

COVID-19 meningkatkan intensitas belajar online, namun banyak pengajar kesulitan membuat muridnya tertarik dengan pelajaran. Tim dosen dari National University of Singapore menawarkan tiga strategi untuk mengatasi ini.
Fun Man Fung/National University of Singapore

How to create engaging online learning amid COVID-19 pandemic: lessons from Singapore

The pandemic has intensified online learning, but educators are struggling to keep students engaged. Faculty members from the National University of Singapore offer three strategies to overcome this.
Foto udara memperlihatkan pemandangan di Jembatan Semanggi yang hampir kosong dari aktivitas setelah pemerintah Jakarta meminta penduduk tetap di rumah untuk mencegah penyebaran coronavirus, 11 April 2020. Ahmad Soleh/INA Photo Agency/Sipa USA/AAP

Riset spasial ungkap risiko penyebaran coronavirus level kelurahan dan pasar tradisional di Jakarta

Dalam mitigasi pandemi global COVID-19 saat ini, kemampuan memahami risiko penyebarannya secara spasial sangat penting.
A thick haze has settled over Sydney, blown in from northwest of the city. Dean Lewins/AAP

What do Sydney and other cities have in common? Dust

The haze now engulfing Sydney isn't an isolated problem. Cities around the world struggle to manage the many sources of tiny airborne particles and the discomfort and illnesses these cause.
Moratorium hutan, transparansi data kehutanan dan perkebunan, serta tata kelola hutan berbasis masyarakat menjadi isu utama dalam termin kedua pemerintahan Jokowi. (Donny Sophandi/shutterstock)

Tiga hal yang bisa dilakukan Jokowi untuk tangani kebakaran hutan di Indonesia

Pemerintah Indonesia seharusnya bisa lebih transparan dan membuka akses publik terkait data perubahan lahan, membuat permanen moratorium hutan, hingga menerapkan pengelolaan hutan berbasis komunitas.
Entering the second term of his presidency, Jokowi administration needs to put forest and land fires as priority. Donny Sophandi/

Three things Jokowi could do better to stop forest fires and haze in Indonesia

The Indonesian government should improve transparency and public access to land-use data, make the ban on new plantations on primary forests permanent, and give communities access to forests.
Officials of the Indian Electoral Commission demonstrate the Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) to the polling officials before their journey to the polling stations for the first phase of the 2019 Parliamentary or General elections in India. Jaipal Singh/EPA

In India, job creation the biggest issue in voters’ minds

India is facing an employment crisis, the magnitude and complexity of which has never been witnessed.
What’s the best way to put the brakes on current research? Okrasyuk/

A case against a moratorium on germline gene editing

Scientists and ethicists have called for a five-year moratorium on editing human genes that will pass on to future generations. Yes, society needs to figure out how to proceed – but is this the best way?


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