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Liverpool star Mohamed Salah was one of the more overworked professional football players in recent years. ph.FAB/Shutterstock

It’s easy to scoff at claims elite footballers are ‘at breaking point’ from workload – but their burnout speaks for the rest of us too

When many are struggling to makes ends meet, the idea that multi-millionaire sportsmen are too busy to spend their wealth seems hard to swallow – but it shows that reward doesn’t protect wellbeing
In honour of National Nursing Week May 6-12, consider asking a nurse about their work life. Demand for nursing services in Canada far exceeds the current supply of nurses. (Shutterstock)

How the nursing shortage is affecting the health-care system, patients and nurses themselves

Surveying more than 5,500 nurses about the realities of their work lives highlights how a shortage of nursing staff could compromise Canadians’ ability to access safe, compassionate care.
For activists struggling with the painful emotions that arise from their work, being self-compassionate might be a valuable source of mental and emotional support. (Shutterstock)

How self-compassion can help activists deal with stress

Activists can face a lot of stress and even burnout campaigning for the causes they care about. Showing themselves self-compassion can help them deal with that stress.
En essayant d'être multitâche, nous reportons en réalité notre attention d'une tâche à l'autre rapidement, ce qui peut mener à une surcharge cognitive. perfectlab/Shutterstock

Mental workload: how can we prevent our brains from overheating?

Despite being a central concept in the digital age, mental workload remains difficult to define and study in real-life situations.
Brenton Geach/Gallo Images via Getty Images

Health workers cope with a huge amount of stress - how to build a resilient health system in South Africa

COVID-19 and responses to the pandemic have increased our attention on how individuals and systems cope with stress-inducing shocks.

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