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L-R: Daisy Cooper (Liberal Democrats), Stephen Flynn (SNP), Rhun ap Iorwerth (Plaid Cymru), Penny Mordaunt (Conservatives), Angela Rayner (Labour), Nigel Farage (Reform UK) and Carla Denyer (Green Party). Getty/EPA-EFE/Alamy

Election 2024: why it’s still worth watching the multi-party debate

The multi-party debate is an opportunity for smaller parties to get their messages across.
This summer, viewers will spot a Sainsbury’s store on the Coronation Street cobbles. Greg Balfour Evans/Alamy Stock Photo

Coronation Street is getting a Sainsbury’s – why product placement could trump traditional TV ads

Product placement has been allowed on UK TV for more than a decade, but changing viewer habits mean it’s only recently come into its own as a revenue stream.
The UK’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty and prime minister Boris Johnson taking questions from BBC journalist Laura Kuenssberg at the end of March. 10 Downing Street / Crown copyright / Andrew Parsons/PA Wire/PA Images

People trust TV journalists and want them to scrutinise government coronavirus policy — new research

Calls for journalists to rally round the UK government’s efforts to fight the pandemic are out of touch with public opinion, an in-depth study of news audiences has found.

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