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The Lego brick has now become a basic module of virtual “brickworlds”. Andreas

Sublime design: Lego

“Danish design” usually conjures up images of mid-century modern furniture – functional yet sculptural – but Denmark’s most successful “design icon” is a humble plastic brick: Lego. In 2013, the Lego Group…
The tie-in merchandising costs HOW much?! julochka

Lego Movie CEO is evil because bad bosses sell cinema tickets

President Business is a bad guy. We know that because he is the chief executive of the Octan Corporation. He also has bad hair, control issues, and transforms into the evil tyrant Lord Business who – together…
Lego is fighting back against a virtual onslaught. Village Roadshow

Brand connection and The Lego Movie – what’s going on?

Thanks to the release of The Lego Movie – which opened in the US to huge acclaim on February 7 – the Danish toy company looks set to extend its “brand connection” to generations of families, even further…
The LEGO Architecture range has been good for the company’s fortunes. lilivanili

Block party: how architecture helped rebuild LEGO

Virtually any kid who picks up a bucket of LEGO bricks will start by making a house, usually in mismatched, rainbow colours, maybe featuring a few of the little plastic minifig people. It seems almost…

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