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Not exactly where you’d imagine e-commerce to be booming, but rural China has embraced online retail platforms for cheaper supplies and extra income. EPA/Micahel Reynolds

The social side of e-commerce: lessons from rural China

Every year, for the foreseeable future, another 30 million Chinese will go online to shop, according to a new Boston Consulting Group report. Pushed by a government-subsidised rollout of internet – and…
Avoid frustration and tears while shopping online this holiday season. Global Reactions

Online shoppers: before you click that ad, read this

Christmas is fast approaching, and this year is set to be the biggest ever for online shopping. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent by Australians alone. And every year, the flurry of online…
Online shoppers find good reviews powerfully persuasive, but as many as 20% may not be genuine. AAP/Julian Smith

Spot the fake: shoppers get help with online reviews

Three cheers for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). It recently released a guide for dealing with fake reviews, which in essence said fake reviews are unlawful. They can mislead…
You can wait a long time for a postman to show up in the country. amandabhslater

Small businesses think smart to keep up with Amazon drones

The biggest names in internet retail appear to be dramatically stepping up efforts to make delivering your online orders, fast, reliable and extremely hi-tech. But in a week in which Amazon talked up its…
Not quite ready for your Christmas orders.

Don’t count on Amazon drone deliveries just yet

Apparently keen to inject a bit of fun into its image after a damaging few weeks of press coverage, online retail giant Amazon has announced that it is experimenting with the use of drones to deliver its…
Trades on the ‘grey markets’ are becoming increasingly common in Australia. flickr/zdenadel

Explainer: black markets, grey markets, and dark pools

There are a range of markets available to buyers and sellers that allow them to exchange goods and services. But whereas some markets are highly regulated, others are not regulated at all. The sale of…
New technology allows online customers to ‘try on’ gear using 3D images taken with a smartphone camera.

‘Virtual changerooms’ coming soon to a smartphone near you

We know buying clothes and accessories online carries a certain level of risk - what if the delivered product doesn’t fit or looks ridiculous? But thanks to research into augmented reality you could soon…
Is everyone online? anguskirk

Some high streets must die so that others can flourish

Whether we like it or not, the world of retail is changing. More and more of us are using the internet to browse shops, read product reviews and search for bargains. It is hardly surprising that this is…
While the Federal Government may argue changing the GST threshold on online purchases is an equity measure, it’s likely to be viewed by many as an exercise in shoring up the federal budget. Online shopping picture sourced from

There are better options than expanding the GST net to online sales

The Federal Government is tipped to be eyeing the online world in a bid to shore up­ collapsing federal tax revenues. This move has more to do with squeezing “little areas” to get more tax, and ensure…
Entrenched monopolies in Australia’s retail sector have made shopping malls a bland experience, particularly compared to malls in China. Pondspider

A shake-up of retail regulation is something to mall over

Why are retail sales in the doldrums, or headed online? To me, it’s in part because Australian shopping malls are bland, uninteresting containers of branded chain stores and the same old franchises offering…

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