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If most people in a community are vaccinated, others are also protected. Sanofil Pasteur

Braving the jab for community immunity

Let’s be clear: immunisations matter. They matter a lot. We all have a complex and ever-changing ecology of microorganisms and parasites inside our bodies and in our community. A recent fatal case of diphtheria…
Measles is one of the few infectious diseases for which elimination is possible. USACE Europe District/flickr

A persistent spot of bother – why vaccinations haven’t stopped measles

Despite high vaccination rates, Australia and other developed countries periodically have small outbreaks of measles, as seen in the recent scares in Victoria and New South Wales. Until about 40 years…
The Nanopatch has potential to change the way vaccines are delivered. AIBN

Don’t look away, injections could be a thing of the past

A couple of facts: 1) At least 10% of the world’s population are “needle phobic”, which means they’re missing out on being vaccinated and/or have a horror of receiving jabs of any kind. Several studies…
Vaccinating all boys would offer greater protection to girls and gay men. AAP

The case for vaccinating boys (as well as girls) against HPV

Data just released by the Australian Government show that many girls are not completing the full course of the cervical cancer vaccine. It’s another very good reason towards an already compelling case…

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