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Based on Eddie Huang’s bestselling memoir, ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat premiered last month. Bob D'Amico/ABC

Fresh Off the Boat and the rise of niche TV

Its ratings are worse. So why is Fresh Off the Boat considered a success, while All-American Girl was canceled?
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull is looking for greater efficiency from both the ABC and SBS. Alan Porritt/AAP

With budget cuts coming, ABC and SBS stand divided

Did SBS chief executive Michael Ebeid score a well-timed free kick or an own goal in his attack on the ABC this week? The ABC recently secured the free-to-air television rights for the Asian Cup football…
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has put media deregulation plans on the backburner, but that isn’t stopping market speculation of mergers to come. Dave Hunt/AAP

Nine and Fairfax Media streaming towards a full tango?

Communications Minister and internet evangelist, Malcolm Turnbull, says media deregulation is off the agenda for now and he’s in no rush to remove the remaining media ownership rules. The reason for the…
Winter is coming…for Time Warner. Jason Szenes/EPA/AAP

News Corp, Time Warner and the veneer of media diversity

At age 83 Australian-born tycoon Rupert Murdoch is as restless as ever. He is anxious to add the behemoth Time Warner, owner of everything from HBO to Cartoon Network to Superman, to his already bulging…
Loss of the service will impact Australia’s international image, media diversity in the region and coverage of news from the Pacific. dithern

Scrapping the Australia Network affects more than the ABC

The termination in the 2014 budget of the ABC’s international television broadcasting contract to run the federal government’s Australia Network service, barely a year into its ten-year term, was hardly…
Fairfax editorial staff went on strike to protest the cutting of photographers. AAP/Julian Smith

As Fairfax cuts photographers, what price for a news picture?

You know the adage: a picture is worth a thousand words. News photographs can capture a story’s emotion whether it is sport, politics or human tragedy. Think of the 1983 America’s Cup win. Prime Minister…
Consumers have never had more choice, but does that mean more local content? Shutterstock

Archaic cross-media ownership laws won’t save local content

Communication minister Malcolm Turnbull’s proposal for changes to cross-media ownership laws has reignited calls for the government to protect local content. On the surface, it appears reasonable to expect…
A new book argues for an ambitious rethinking of how journalists are trained, arguing universities should aim to create ‘knowledge journalists’ with deep specialist areas of expertise. Sean Savage

Book review: Informing the News – The Need for Knowledge-Based Journalism

Journalists and their editors can be rude about schools of journalism. When Columbia University cut its journalism program from two years to one year, the New York Daily News called it “a step in the right…
Blogging is in favour in New Zealand, with the major players taking on the mainstream media. Sue Richards/Flickr

New Zealand’s blogosphere is thriving, but will the party last?

Blogs are thriving in New Zealand thanks to threats to media freedom, an increasingly commercialised media environment, and shifts in media ownership. The financial ownership of the major media companies…
New digital media entrant The New Daily injects a hopeful note into the media landscape. A screenshot of The New Daily.

A New Daily, new models and new hope: journalism’s silver lining

November is a month of two tales for the Australian media industry: one of hope, the other of despair. The arrival on Wednesday of the online news site The New Daily, and reports that The Monthly’s publisher…
Two companies control 88% of Australia’s print media assets. AAP/April Fonti

Australia’s lamentable media diversity needs a regulatory fix

Australian media, and in particular the print media, stands out internationally among advanced democracies for its extreme concentration. Three owners – News Limited, Fairfax Media and APN News and Media…
Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull has stepped up his criticism of proposed new media regulation. AAP

Turnbull overlooks diversity in media regulation dismissal

Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull is overlooking critical issues of diversity and public interest in dismissing…

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