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Majak Daw has been praised for his measured reaction to racist abuse.

Racism in footy is not as bad as you may think

This week the media in AFL states have been discussing racist comments made by members of crowds at Australian Rules games. Sudanese-born North Melbourne rookie Majak Daw was racially abused while playing…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard is a keen football fan but women lack representation on the governing bodies of most Australian sports. AAP

What’s the score with women on sport boards?

Despite stunning progress on the sport field in the past 100 years, women’s representation off the field remains a serious challenge. While there was not a singe female athlete at the first modern Olympic…
We’re pushing our horses to do things they’re not meant to do. AAP

Jumps racing: what a waste

On the opening day of the Warrnambool jumps carnival in western Victoria this year, five-year-old horse Casa Boy died when he fell at his first hurdle. Just one month later, Shine the Armour also died…
The AFL set-shot is as much about consistency as it is about the right technique. AAP/Martin Philbey

Centimetre-perfect: a quest for flawless goalkicking in the AFL

When the AFL has a weekend of inaccurate goal-kicking, media attention invariably turns to why set-shot goal-kicking hasn’t improved while other areas of footy have. As a footy fan, I have an interest…
Competition enables twins like Brad and Chris Scott to forge separate identities.

How twins like the Scott brothers distinguish themselves in battle

Competition between twins hit the headlines this week as, for the first time in AFL history, identical twins Brad and Chris Scott will coach different teams against each other on Saturday. Both twins played…
Calling indigenous footballers “magic” denies their hard work. Flickr/witness1

Black Magic? White muddle more like it

Let me begin by asking a question. Why is it when we think of Indigenous footballers we do so in a way that sets them apart? To put it simply, why do many of us think that there is an inherent genetic…
Brisbane Lions’ Jonathan Brown sustains a head injury against Fremantle. AAP

Should helmets be used in AFL?

The intense public interest in protective headgear following recent cases of high-profile AFL players sustaining concussion and other head or face injuries, is understandable. Unfortunately we have limited…
Former AFL player Daniel Bell is seeking compensation for brain damage linked to multiple concussions. AAP

The Daniel Bell effect: sports injuries and the brain explained

What happens to the brain in a collision? A blow to the head can cause any form of damage to the brain. On the serious side, it can cause a large haemorrhage and damage to a large amount of brain tissue…

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