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Pop a few undoit pills, and the fat in a slice of cake will pass out harmlessly at the other end - or so the company advertising the product claimed.

Claim that undoit pill blocks all fat and carbs is baseless

A company advertising a pill that “will ‘undo’ 5g of fat and 210g of carbs” must remove advertisements for the product and…
Pseudosciences such as acupuncture have no place in universities, say the Friends of Science in Medicine. Flickr/NYCTCM

Pseudosciences are destroying the reputation of Australia’s universities

The international credibility of Australia’s universities is being undermined by the increase in the “pseudoscientific” health…
The TGA is still slow to act on products making dubious weight-loss claims. puuikibeach

New weight-loss claims show TGA reforms aren’t working

Little seems to have changed inside the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). And that’s despite two years of reviews into the shortcomings of its regulatory processes and the release, late last year…
Some complementary medicines fill a medical need while others are of no value whatsoever. nicholaslaughlin

Giving the right teeth to the tiger: creating an effective TGA

Some complementary medicines are useful while others are just plain quackery so any attempt to regulate the industry requires an understanding of this heterogeneity. What’s more, the regulator of the industry…

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