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Protesters carry placards as they take part in a recent service delivery protest in Sebokeng, south of Johannesburg. Reuters/Siphiwe Sibeko

Protests soar amid unmet expectations in South Africa

Protests in South Africa against a lack of services, such as water and electricity, reached unprecedented levels in 2014. Many have been accompanied by violence and destruction of property.
Criminals the lot of them: that is what people who stand against government plans ‘to rebuild Tasmania’s forestry industry’ could become under the new anti-protest law.

Criminalising dissent: anti-protest law is an ominous sign of the times

The Workplaces (Protection from Protesters) Bill – locally known as the “anti-protest” bill – was passed by Tasmanian parliament late on Tuesday night. The law was introduced as part of the government’s…
Critics of The Death of Klinghoffer at The Met in New York have claimed the opera is both anti-semitic and glorifies acts of terrorism. EPA/Peter Foley

Risky business? The Klinghoffer protests show opera’s relevance

On Monday night in New York, protesters demonstrated against the premiere of John Adams’ 1991 opera The Death of Klinghoffer, at the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center. Its subject matter is the murder…
Police in Ferguson, Missouri, far beyond your friendly neighborhood patrolmen. Larry W Smith/EPA

Police militarization is a legacy of cold war paranoia

In August 2014, the police who faced protesters in Ferguson, Missouri looked more like soldiers than officers of the peace. Citizens squared off with a camouflage-clad police force armed with tear gas…
Thailand’s military coup in May is a sign of political malaise without an obvious cure in the absence of a new social contract. EPA/Pongmanat Tasiri

Asian states in crisis can choose more democracy or more conflict

Rather than a new dawn for democracy, political and social reform in the region has led to less representation and more contestation. This has potentially far-reaching consequences. What does the May coup…
News of Hong Kong’s umbrella uprising is being suppressed in China. EPA/Alex Hofford

The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong: a second Tiananmen?

Are political developments in Hong Kong heading for a second Tiananmen massacre? A fortnight ago, partly to provoke discussion, partly to sound an alarm, I suggested in a radio interview that unless the…
Communities across eastern Australia are fighting against coal seam gas mining … and winning. Kate Ausburn/Flickr

New tactics see coal seam gas protests gain the upper hand

Community coal seam gas campaigns have had some big wins lately, most recently in the suspension of the drilling licence for CSG company Metgasco in New South Wales. Referred to the Independent Commission…
Who yarn bombed these trees? There are many reasons knitters take their work to the streets. jenniferworthen

Knit one, purl one: the mysteries of yarn bombing unravelled

Who exactly is behind the knitted bike rack cover that you walk past at the local park? And what is it that drives someone to cover a tree with intricately knitted creations? Yarn bombing – the practice…
Naked protests chafe with some, but they have a variety of advantages. Susanna Dunkerley/AAP Image

Protest in the 21st century: is naked the new balaclava?

For those of us who grew up with marches and rallies as the default type (or stereotype) of protest, some of the 21st-century forms – such as The World Naked Bike Ride or Nannas Knitting Against Gas and…
Russian forces detained all those aboard Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise after activists tried to hang a banner from an oil platform. EPA/Igor Podgorny/Greenpeace

Greenpeace’s Arctic 30 act on idea of a community of nations

Should the Australian government require Colin Russell to repay at least some of its costs for acting on his behalf when the Russians imprisoned him and 29 other Greenpeace activists and journalists, known…

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