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Hugging and making up: Samoan Moe Fonoti (right) embraces Logan Aboriginal elder Wayne Saunders, after talks to defuse local tensions. AAP/Dave Hunt

Bogans from the ‘burbs: confronting our hidden biases

Every city has them - the neighbourhoods that everyone else looks down on. In Australia, Sydney has “Westies”. Brisbane has “Logan bogans”. And in Melbourne, the western suburb of Sunshine is colloquially…

Depression accompanied by discrimination

Worldwide, more than 75% of people with depression report having faced discrimination, a new study has found. Among the research…
Study participants were less likely to consider obese women for jobs. Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

Obese women face discrimination in job hunt

People who worry about their appearance are more likely to discriminate against obese people, a new study has found. Researchers…

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