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Phones out, but today’s students are less likely to have Facebook or Twitter open. Phones image via

So long social media: the kids are opting out of the online public square

Young people are starting to skip the very public postings of some of social media's original platforms. Why? And where will that leave the companies that rely on our willingness to divulge everything?
Tons of social media there for the taking… but is it truly representative of real life? Jürgen Pfeffer

Studying society via social media is not so simple

Behavioral scientists have seized on social media and their massive data sets as a way to quickly and cheaply figure out what people are thinking and doing. But some of those tweets and thumbs ups can…
Mark Zuckerberg rings the Nasdaq’s opening bell from the Facebook Headquarters in California. EPA/Zef Nikolla

Mindshare is still Facebook’s biggest asset

With almost a billion accounts and growing, Facebook still has as strong a lock on the concept of sharing as Google does on the concept of search. As such, while no company is immune to failure, the current…

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