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CFA franc countries will no longer have to keep 50% of their foreign exchange reserves at the French Treasury. Shutterstock

Is the time right for a single currency in West Africa?

The decision by eight Francophone states to delink their common currency from France won’t be without challenges.
Ivorian sailors participate in an anti-piracy hostage rescue scenario with the Ghanaian Navy during Exercise Obangame Express. Wikimedia Commons

Fighting piracy in the Gulf of Guinea needs a radical rethink

Feeding a simple narrative of piracy without a broader look at other maritime security challenges hinders progress in dealing with it.
A merchant gives change of an old 500 CFA Franc note (approximately 76 Euro cents) and a new 500 CFA Franc coin. EPA/Nic Bothma

Why abandoning the CFA Franc would be a risky operation

Why leave a stable monetary zone that enables sustained economic growth of around 7%, at a time when Africa’s overall growth rate is at a 25-year low of 1.6%?

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