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The University of Bath is a leading UK research university, dedicated to making a positive impact to the world we live in.

The superb facilities and practical support available at the University has created an ethos and environment which inspires a culture of innovation and fresh thinking. The University’s researchers engage closely with industry, the public and policy makers to explore challenging projects that examine the questions and inform the solutions that make a difference to society.

The University of Bath offers innovative and demanding degree programmes to the world’s brightest students, giving them the skills they need to succeed in the most competitive work environments. It is located in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath, UK. The city was established as a Roman spa town and is famous for its spectacular Georgian architecture. The University has been named the best campus university in Britain.


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¿Qué ocurriría en la naturaleza si desaparecieran los insectos?

La cantidad de insectos está disminuyendo de manera alarmante, lo que podría significar la extinción en todo el mundo del 40% de las especies en las próximas décadas. ¿Estamos al borde de un "insectoapocalipsis? Tal vez el cambio climático tenga algo que ver con este fenómeno.

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