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After mass bleaching in 1998, more than half of coral reefs in the Seychelles have slowly recovered. Nick Graham

Obituaries for coral reefs may be premature, study finds

Coral reefs are the poster child for the damage people are doing to the world’s oceans. Overfishing, pollution and declining water quality have all taken their toll on reefs around the world. Perhaps the…
Healthy coral on the Great Barrier Reef. New research shows that corals exposed to dredging have increased risk of disease. dion gillard/Flickr

Dredge spoil linked to coral disease, WA study shows

Dredging has a direct impact on coral health, according to a study published today in PLoS ONE that shows for the first time…
Already operating as a coal port, the disposal of dredge material from expanding Abbot Point is now the subject of a legal challenge. GBRMPA

Let’s dump Great Barrier Reef dredging myths: authority chief

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s recent decision to allow 3 million cubic metres of dredge material to be disposed of 25 kilometres off Abbot Point in north Queensland has attracted passionate…

Deep-sea corals reflect Pacific Ocean shift

Long-lived deep-sea corals preserve evidence of a major shift in the Pacific Ocean ecosystem since 1850. The tree-like skeletons…
Coral reefs under the business-as-usual-emission scenario, will quickly decalcify and dissolve. prilfish

Coral will dissolve if CO2 emissions don’t change

The world’s coral reefs will quickly dissolve if greenhouse gas emissions continue on current trends, a new simulation has…
Air pollution has been found to have affected coral growth in the Caribbean over many decades. Lester Kwiatkowski, University of Exeter

Air pollution casts a cloud over coral reef growth

Tiny particles of air pollution can stunt the growth of coral reefs, according to a new study in Nature Geoscience. Using…

Sex not on the menu for damaged coral

Coral that has suffered tissue damage will take years to recover its reproductive prowess according to research from the…
Another wave is coming: the coral-killing crown of thorns starfish. Flickr/<SLIM>

Great Barrier Reef dying beneath its crown of thorns

The Great Barrier Reef is under attack from a range of enemies including climate change effects (coral bleaching, increased severe storms, and ocean acidification), pollutant discharge from the land, coastal…

Flat coral looks like home to big fish

Big fish, like coral trout, snappers and sweetlips, prefer sheltering under flat table corals rather than branching corals…

Previewing the effects of ocean acidification

Submarine springs along the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula are giving scientists a preview of how coral reefs will react…

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