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Flat coral looks like home to big fish

Big fish, like coral trout, snappers and sweetlips, prefer sheltering under flat table corals rather than branching corals…

Previewing the effects of ocean acidification

Submarine springs along the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula are giving scientists a preview of how coral reefs will react…
The Coral Sea could soon become the world’s largest marine park. babasteve

Does the Coral Sea marine park proposal provide enough protection?

The release of the Coral Sea Commonwealth marine reserve proposal is a milestone achievement in marine protection. The area proposed to be covered is larger than that of many small European nations. In…
Coral bleaching is a serious issue, but we’re learning how reefs can best recover. AFP/Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

Back from the bleach – how isolation helps coral reefs recover

Coral reefs around the world are under pressure from multiple threats. A burgeoning gas industry – such as that near Gladstone – is one of the newest of these. Pollution, sedimentation, declining water…

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