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These days a punter has bloated, blander lineups and higher ticket prices. AAP/ Dean Lewins

Think of the children! The decline of Big Day Out and mega festivals

There will be no Big Day Out in 2015. It’s been confirmed by American owners of the Aussie event, C3 Presents. No more, the clusters of very bright-eyed, over-stimulated teens drifting from stage to stage…
Avignon Festival is also under threat. EPA/Sebastien Nogier

French benefits dispute with artists will haunt Hollande

A delayed start to a performance of La Traviata at the Bastille Opera may not seem like the stuff of politics, but it made headlines in France. The Saturday night show went ahead an hour late, but by the…
Chris Dave seems to have internalised every piece of music he has ever heard. Photo by Gerard Victor

Hip-hop, breakbeat, flamenco … that’s 21st-century jazz

Jazz has evolved to become one of the most inclusive genres in modern music. But how does an art form that so willingly assimilates influences from different musical styles still hold on to its essence…
Blur recently pulled out of the Big Day Out, citing problems with festival organisers. EPA/Britta Pedersen

Music festivals are in trouble but the shows must go on

It’s no secret that the music festival scene in Australia has recently hit some troubled waters. Harvest festival has been cancelled this year, unpaid performers are still chasing the organisers of the…
The Carnival Circus: hitting your hometown soon. Lewis Whyld PA Wire

Notting Hill Carnival is one of Trinidad’s greatest exports

This bank holiday weekend, London celebrates yet another glorious Notting Hill Carnival. Relatively few of the hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of revellers enjoying the festivities appreciate the…
Festival-goers enjoy Peats Ridge Sustainable Music and Arts Festival: the festival sector has become more proactive about sustainability. island home/Flickr

Festivals and the environmental sustainability challenge

Festivals are fun activities - we go to meet up with friends and family, escape the hum drum of daily life, and to be exposed to new cultural forms or simply to be entertained. Rarely do we consider the…
Environmental health practitioners can tighten up waste management, but they cannot predict how each individual attendee will treat the grounds. Christian Haugen

Take the festy out of music festivals this summer

Summer is the season for all kinds of lovely outdoor activities, not the least of which is a spate of music festivals, which kicks off tomorrow with Victoria’s Meredith Music Festival. But there’s a dark…

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