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Shedding light on biology’s ‘dark matter’

Researchers have discovered a method which might illuminate the biological phenomenon of “microbial dark matter” – a near-invisible…
Squeezing a thesis into three minutes sounds impossible. But it’s an important skill to learn. Lecture image from

A thesis in three minutes: making research accessible

Imagine condensing a thesis – which would normally take nine hours to read aloud – into a presentation just three minutes long. Today at the Australian and Trans-Tasman Three Minute Thesis competition…
If Australia wants to be a leading force in the knowledge economy, strategic investment in university research and infrastructure will be essential. Novartis AG

A smart strategy to drive Australia’s knowledge economy

At a time when unprecedented levels of investment are being made in university infrastructure in nations such as China and India, it is worth reflecting on how Australia has built its notable areas of…

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