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Oh hi Dad, can you put Mum on? nan palermo

Oculus Rift brings a whole new dimension to communication

Mark Zuckerberg’s latest spending spree has landed Facebook an exciting new gadget in the form of the Oculus Rift, a virtual reality headset that is used by gamers and researchers alike to enhance encounters…
True change requires that our perspectives are altered from within. Ferran

Are you racist? You might want to change your avatar

Is racism a matter of perspective gone wrong? And, if so, how can we fix it? A new study in Consciousness and Cognition demonstrates technology may be able to offer part of the solution: donning the skin…
Where does our sense of intrinsic “me-ness” come from? ronny-andre

Extending the self: some cold truths on body ownership

“Who are you?” Some might ponder this question philosophically, while others will answer straightforwardly: “I am my body and my personality”. But the boundaries of “self” are not as straightforward as…
Completely immersive virtual reality is still a little way off - unless you have room to move. Trypode

Rats! Why virtual reality doesn’t feel ‘real’

Have you ever noticed that even detailed, sophisticated virtual reality experiences don’t feel completely “real”? It all comes down to your inner ear - and a study published earlier this month using rats…

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