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Sainsbury’s Christmas ad has been criticised for using World War I to serve its bottom line. Sainsbury's

Selling charity at Christmas, from Sainsbury’s to Band Aid

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert has stoked considerable controversy. It involves a cinematic re-telling of the “Christmas Truce”, where Allied and German soldiers ceased fighting on Christmas Day and played…
Philip Kotler says the rise of social media is challenging the concept of brand loyalty. Gabriel Chmielewski/Mays Communications

Q&A: Philip Kotler on whether traditional marketing is dead

International marketing expert Philip Kotler is in Melbourne this week telling Australian companies how best to position…
As with its staff uniform, Qantas’ new advertising campaign lacks a unique brand identity. Dean Lewins/AAP

Teary Qantas ad campaign not the branding the airline needs

With its new “Feels like home” campaign, Australian airline Qantas is seeking to “rekindle that emotional connection Australians have with the airline”. Improvements in staff morale and company yield are…
If this man had half a brain, he wouldn’t have needed his partner to tell him how to find the best hotel deal without staying up all night. Youtube/Hotels Combined Commercial, Australia, 2013, Cole Rintoul

For Father’s Day, give us men who aren’t shown as fools and clowns

“Get your hand off it,” says the girl in the ad. Here is a cowgirl type telling men not to play with anything while driving. It’s the mobile that she means, ha ha. Why should we be concerned? Because yet…
Buying something through Facebook? Now the online giant knows if you did it on your computer or phone. CTEP AmeriCorps

What Facebook’s device tracking means for advertisers … and you

Facebook today unveiled the latest weapon in its digital arsenal: cross-device tracking capability. This enables advertisers to track individuals’ usage behaviours between devices. This means that your…
The roots of gender stereotyping are perhaps not so old as we thought. Kostsov/Shutterstock

Our ancient ancestors may have known more about gender than we do

A recent advert by sanitary product manufacturer Always asks us to think harder about the term “like a girl” by asking young adults and teenagers to run, throw or fight “like a girl”. Without thinking…
Hiptastic celebrations from the Colombian team. Robert Ghement/EPA

The pageantry, performance and publicity of goal celebrations

The 2014 World Cup has been a tournament of goals galore – and with every goal comes a celebration. We’re now used to displays of individual and team pageantry with goal celebrations and they can sometimes…
This should help David Cameron get in touch via Facebook - but only if you want him to. Chris Ison/PA

Facebook’s $500m advertising deal may clear up your newsfeed

Facebook has announced a long-term partnership with the French advertising conglomerate Publicis Groupe, a deal thought to be worth around US$500m over several years. The tie up between the world’s largest…
Through Facebook, the Bundy Bear’s message becomes part of fans’ everyday story, bypassing restrictions on how the product is promoted.

New face of alcohol promotion defies advertising restrictions

The Australian National Preventive Health Agency (ANPHA) recommended in a draft report in February that the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code (ABAC) should include all forms of marketing within its self-regulatory…
It clearly takes more than nice packaging to impress this cool cat. Felix Idan

Bottled water is the marketing trick of the century

Writing in the Daily Telegraph Dr Phil Hammond, the GP, comedian and columnist wonders whether we have all swallowed the “water con”. Have we, he asks, abandoned rational thought? The answer to this question…
Nostalgic screens. Sky Atlantic

The secret of Mad Men’s marketing success revealed

As has become standard practice for any contemporary television production, the seventh and final season of Mad Men – AMC’s 1960s period drama – has been preceded by a torrent of promotional material…
We can’t always see no evil. Alicakes

Charity campaigns may cause outrage, but shock sells

A campaign for Pancreatic Cancer Action recently stirred up controversy over advertising “shock tactics”. In the advert, genuine sufferers of the disease stated to camera that “I wish I had testicular…

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