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Complementary medicines such as krill oil don’t always have the science to back up their claims. Jo Christian Oterhals/Flickr

Krill oil marketing: a case study of Australia’s broken regulations

Two out of three Australians regularly use complementary medicines, which constitute a A$3.5 billion domestic market. But the industry’s marketing strategies are a source of ongoing controversy and pose…
It’s been suggested that fish oil is the snake oil of our generation. exoimperator/Flickr

Health Check: fish oil, anyone?

An estimated one in four Australians currently take fish oil supplements daily because of its perceived benefits. There are suggestions that fish oil is good for a range of health conditions including…
News of a potential adverse link with prostate cancer comes at a time when the public is heeding the message that the omega-3s derived from marine sources are beneficial. Sam Catch/Flickr

Are fish oil supplements putting you at risk of prostate cancer?

A report published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute late last week shows a potential link between omega-3 fatty acids and the risk of developing prostate cancer. But it may be premature…

Fish oil prevents brain damage in mice

Fish oil injection prevents brain damage after a stroke in mice. After inducing a stroke in new-born mice, researchers injected…

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