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What’s the proper tip for a cup of joe? Shutterstock

Why we should get rid of tipping

The custom is confusing to customers, creates instability for workers and ironically doesn't necessarily result in better service as intended.
Racial disparities in tip size can’t be explained by discriminatory service. Brian A Jackson/Shutterstock

What’s behind racial differences in restaurant tipping?

Within the US restaurant industry, blacks are generally considered comparatively poor tippers. One recent survey of roughly 1,000 restaurant servers from across the nation found that 34% thought blacks…

Australia’s tipping point

Tipping might one day become entrenched in Australia’s drinking and dining experience as it has in America. Research found…
Airport lounges, loved by frequent flyers, don’t necessarily engender brand loyalty. Richard Moross/Flickr

Airline lounge war could prove futile for Qantas and Virgin

Recently Qantas and Virgin have been fighting a war for “high value” corporate contracts by refurbishing their invitation-only lounges. But is this a wise strategy? The airline industry has long been stuck…
Regional Victorian tourism is likely to feel the impact of Victoria’s recent TAFE cuts, which follow bi-partisan policy failure around competition.

TAFE troubles puts Victoria’s tourism competitiveness at risk

Tourism and hospitality course closures have featured prominently in the recent announcements about redundancies flowing from the estimated $200 million of Victorian TAFE funding cuts. While the causes…

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