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Consumer confidence weak despite rate cuts

Wary consumers are unmoved by recent interest rate cuts and healthy economic figures, according to an index of consumer sentiment…
There are more jobs, but even more job seekers. Flickr/Victor1558

Unemployment up, but it’s a good news story

The rise in Australia’s jobless rate for May was “a good news story”, economists said, as the largest increase in full-time…
Managing Director of Google Australia and New Zealand Nick Leeder. AAP/Lukas Coch

Google boss: let internet flourish to boost productivity

The annual $27-billion boost to Australia’s productivity from internet innovation is at threat from policymakers who would…
In the UK, innovation and research has been at the forefront of the government’s economic policy agenda. bisgovuk

Innovation or stagnation? Lessons Australia could learn from the UK

After decades in the wilderness, industry policy is back centrally on the economic agenda in the UK. What is striking is how the policy is being driven by strong evidence on what works from years of accumulated…
Neither Anna Bligh nor Campbell Newman seem keen to talk about Queensland’s staggering debt. AAP

Standing in the shadow of debt in the sunshine state

In the run-up to the Queensland state election, politicians are making all sorts of pledges to win over constituents, but few are willing to tackle a potentially paralysing problem: the spectacular growth…
Tony Abbott has tough decisions to make on workplace reform before the next election. AAP

A return to WorkChoices: Why is business trying to hammer it home?

In one of the most significant moments of the 2010 federal election campaign, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott declared the Coalition’s unpopular WorkChoices policy “dead, buried, cremated.” In an interview…
Big sporting events often make a loss, but the locals still enjoy the party. AFP/Franck Fife

What will the Rugby World Cup be worth to New Zealand?

RUGBY WORLD CUP – In the latest of The Conversation’s series on the Rugby World Cup, Massey University’s Sam Richardson looks at the costs and benefits to the host country New Zealand. New Zealand has…
Iron ore is now Australia’s biggest export. AFP/CHRISTIAN SPROGOE RIO TINTO

The Boom: Iron ore and Australia

Australia’s economic future lies underneath our feet. The island continent is blessed with a variety of natural resources but none as plentiful or important as iron ore. Iron is a common element in soils…
Designer shopping in China can lead to an experience like no other. Flickr/Gadgetdan

Middle classes and the Party: changing faces of power in China

China’s phenomenal economic growth during the last three decades has significantly altered its pattern of social stratification. One of the most equal countries in the world has become one of the most…
Most families with at least one child say they are ‘comfortable’ with their finances at just under $80,000, according to latest figures from the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research. Flickr, Meredith Farkas.

Just under $80,000 a year is enough, say most families

Most families say they would feel comfortable living on an annual household income of just under $80,000 according to new…
Sharing the spoils: WA Premier Colin Barnett confers with Queensland’s Anna Bligh. AAP

Despite our patchwork economy, all states are sharing in the boom

The marked increase in international commodities prices and the accompanying rise in the value of the Australian dollar has led to popular concern about a two-speed or multi-speed economy, prompting the…
Are prices set to rise? A survey of 1200 consumers found an increase in the number of people who expect inflation will not fall within the Reserve Bank’s target. Flickr

Consumers see inflation breaching RBA target slightly

The proportion of people who expect inflation to breach the Reserve Bank’s annual target of 2-3% increased slightly in June…

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