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By pulling out of deforestation activities, APP says it is responding to climate change concerns. Rainforest Action Network

Major forestry company stops Indonesian deforestation

Asia’s largest forestry, pulp and paper manufacturing company announced in Jakarta this week it has stopped all activities that lead to deforestation in Indonesia. In a rare public event, the Chairman…
Could DNA-based prevention efforts spell trouble for illegal loggers? jimmedia

DNA based methods leave illegal loggers with no place to hide

Illegal logging is a major contributor to tropical deforestation and forest degradation. Australia is currently considering legislation to prevent the importation of illegally logged wood. But if the legislation…
Land of the snow gums: Australian forests are dynamic. Flickr/SplaTT

Australia’s vast and dynamic forest cover: a bird’s-eye view

Forests spark emotional debates in Australia. Much of the rhetoric is about saving “the last of Tasmania’s wild forests” or how we must “stop logging in Australian native forests”. Australian forests…

Monkeys threatened by deforestation

Proboscis monkeys could significantly decline if deforestation in Borneo increases. The monkeys live in swamp forests, mangrove…

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