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The power is yours. wycliffesa

What sign language teaches us about the brain

The world’s leading humanoid robot, ASIMO, has recently learnt sign language. The news of this breakthrough came just as I completed Level 1 of British Sign Language (I dare say it took me longer to master…
Sign language can be used and misused, as with any form of communication. STR/EPA

Explainer: what is sign language?

What is sign language? Before we answer that question, it might be useful to first consider what a “language” is. Spoken languages are naturally developed complex systems that use a set of conventionalised…

Spoken and signed language not so different

Research has shown that people without any familiarity with American Sign Language (ASL) can quickly recognise its key structures…
Sign languages vary from one part of the world to the next, just as spoken languages do. Margaret Woods/Moore

Warning signs: how our research was misrepresented in the news

Research needs to be presented carefully to not mislead the community. It’s worrying when information is taken out of context by the media for a news item that may only run for one day. But this is exactly…

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