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Anorexia affects about 2% of women in their lifetime, although one in every ten sufferers is male. Darwin Bell

Epigenetics offers a glimmer of hope for future anorexia treatment

Most people know that anorexia nervosa is a psychiatric illness associated with the maintenance of low weight and fear of weight gain. But we know very little about what causes this destructive disease…
Despite being bombarded with messages promoting being thin, not all women respond in the same way. AAP

Desire to be thin linked to genetics

Eating disorders that stem from a desire to be thin can be blamed in part on genetics, according to a new US study. The study…
Eating disorders are more than fad diets gone wrong. Flickr -S

Explainer: anorexia and bulimia

Eating disorders are an increasing problem in children and adolescents. Recent Australian studies have indicated eating disorder behaviour has increased twofold in Australia in the last five years and…

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