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Stress leads to decline in male births

Researchers have found that women experiencing high levels of stress are more likely to give birth to females. Scientists…

Chronic stress damages your DNA

For the first time, researchers have identified the mechanism by which chronic stress can damage DNA. By infusing mice with…
By observing how the brain lights up in stressful situations, scientists have found city-dwellers are more sensitive to stress than their country cousins. Flickr

How city living stresses us out

As if any further proof were needed that traffic jams and overcrowding make us anxious, scientists have concluded that city-dwellers…
Tearing your hair out? You might be suffering from cognitive overload. BrittneyBush

I um therefore I ah: workplace stress and how to manage it

Workers in high-pressure, safety-critical jobs – such as air traffic controllers or traffic incident operators – need high levels of concentration and focus to do their jobs effectively. When concentration…

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