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A tower of used books.

Google’s flu fail shows the problem with big data

When people talk about ‘big data’, there is an oft-quoted example: a proposed public health tool called Google Flu Trends. It has become something of a pin-up for the big data movement, but it might not…
Big agriculture, big data, big weather. Chemophilia

Big data lets global corps bet on the threat of climate change

The recent news of Monsanto’s US$930m acquisition of data science company Climate Corporation, raises important questions about the economies developing in response to climate change. A new generation…
Your daily movements are simple, predictable and useful to know. Thuany Gabriela

Your phone knows the three places you visit each day

We lead busy, complex lives. But how many different places will you visit today? And how many different ways could you organise your travel between those places? The answer, according to a new study published…
Were you one of the 50 million people affected by the LivingSocial data breach? El Ojo Inoportuno - fotografía Lo-Fi

Once more into the data breach: the LivingSocial hack and you

Oh look, everyone … another data breach! LivingSocial, an international social service network with a presence in Australia, acknowledged last week it had been hacked, with exposure of information about…
Shhh – there’s so much buzz around your digital footprint. Yael P

Who’s afraid of the bad, big data? You might want to read this

Privacy and technology go together like music and dance: it’s only when both work well together that the magic happens. But what about privacy in the age of big data, an era in which your every move has…
Kim Carr is showing how researchers can use government data. AAP/Alan Porritt

Come get the data, Carr tells researchers

Human Services Minister Kim Carr is doing the rounds of Australian universities to encourage researchers to dip into the…
Balancing the priorities of industry and the public is one of the greatest challenges of open health.

The tension at the heart of open health oversight

Open health is the intersection between health care and information communications technologies. We’ve previously talked about what it is and why people should care about it, the problems that may occur…
Researchers are now dealing with bigger datasets than ever before, such as surface elevation across a whole continent. NICTA/Geoscience Australia

Big Data poses big questions, so how do we answer them?

In recent years we’ve seen an explosion in the number of sensors and embedded computer devices being used by consumers and in a range of industries. New cars have several computers and sensing capabilities…
Open health is one side of “open data” policies being pursued by countries all over the world. Kate Ter Haar

Open health: what is it and why should you care?

“Open health” captures a broad set of information technologies that will change the way we approach health and health care. It encompasses “ehealth” (the storage and provision of personal medical information…

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