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Universitat Rovira i Virgili

The URV was created in 1991 by the Parliament of Catalonia from the already existing university faculties and schools. In this way the Tarragona University of the 16th century was restored. From the very first day its aim has been very clear: to place knowledge at the service of society so as to contribute to the social and economic development of its environment, which has gradually transformed over time.

Social and cultural changes have opened the doors to a new framework in which our students and future workers are obliged to interact in Europe. At the URV we train professionals under the precepts of European harmonization, a key factor for opening the doors to a world of work without frontiers. And we do so by providing a full range of educational possibilities with more than 40 undergraduate courses and 50 master’s degrees (many of which are interuniversity), an extensive doctoral programme and a flexible lifelong learning programme so that professionals can constantly update their knowledge and improve their skills. Altogether, our courses are being enjoyed by over 15,000 students.

The data show that the URV is not only one of the leading universities in Catalonia but also one of the leading universities in the European area for the quality of its teaching, its commitment to continuous training and the excellence of its research, development and innovation.


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Desmontando las críticas a la aplicación del etiquetado Nutri-Score

Algunas de las voces críticas que afirman que Nutri-Score no es útil se basan en argumentos muy discutibles para desacreditarlo: que no tiene en cuenta en su cálculo las vitaminas y minerales, que no apoya la dieta mediterránea o que penaliza el aceite de oliva.
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¿Cuál es su nivel de cultura general? Póngase a prueba con La Gran Pregunta

Más de 36 000 partidas jugadas para descubrir el nivel de conocimiento de la ciudadanía. La plataforma “La Gran Pregunta”, diseñada por un grupo de científicos para medir la cultura general en España, ya está sacando a la luz quiénes son los que más y los que menos saben.
Old weather diaries are becoming important in climate research. Linden Ashcroft/State Library of New South Wales

Delving through settlers’ diaries can reveal Australia’s colonial-era climate

High-quality climate records only go back to the start of the 20th century. But using handwritten letters, journals and tables, researchers have access to data going back to the 18th century.


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